Lake Itasca Tee Shirt 2021 – Caddisfly

Emma Delisi & Carlise Sorenson

Entomologist, Margo Monson, spent her time as a graduate student wading through streams in all seasons looking for insects smaller than the tip of your pinky finger – Caddisflies. Dr.Monson shared with us her hilarious stories of field work. The kind of stories that are humorous only after being done with the event: Trudging through ice cold waters in Minnesota winters, skiing out to collection sites, and having to wear the classic bright orange life vest despite its uselessness in a shallow stream.

Research has many faces, but commitment has one. Dr. Monson’s unrelenting commitment was rewarded with a caddisfly species discovery at Itasca State Park named Oxethira itascae. 

This new species discovery proves that there is still so much more life to find. It could even be a place you visit every day!

Project Team

Emma  Delisi

Emma Delisi


Carlise Sorenson

Carlise Sorenson


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