Using the Unused Interactive Website

Rose Lam (Designer), Reed Grumman (Writer)

Anaerobic Digestor Animation

 Alvina Salim (Designer), Carlise Sorenson (Science Communication Fellow), Caroline Frischmon (Writer)

Similar to how our bodies break down food waste into gas and solid materials (ahem, farts and poop), anaerobic digestion uses special microbes to decompose waste products producing methane gas that can be used for energy and solids called digestate that may be used as nutrient-rich fertilizer. Anaerobic digestion has been used to address two sustainability issues we face. First, waste stream management. AD reroutes waste that would go directly to landfill. This prevents excess nutrients leaking into water sources. Second, the waste is used to create and capture methane – AKA natural gas – which is used as a source of energy.  AD creates renewable “clean” energy from our dirtiest waste!

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