Reed Grumann

Reed Grumann

 Writing Intern 

Reed Grumann is a senior studying microbiology and political science who has been with the Science Communication (SciComm) Lab since his junior year. Previously, Reed spent a semester completing literature research on extremophile cyanobacteria and wants to return to the wet-lab setting in graduate school. Reed has also worked on several political campaigns and in multiple public offices. In addition to his current involvement in the SciComm Lab, Reed is assisting with research that focuses on public perception of topics in the biological sciences, namely, vaccines, climate change, and evolution.

Reed joined the Science Communication Lab in September of 2019 with the aim of developing his writing and advocacy skills in the context of science policy and research. While he hopes to gain further experience in wet-lab settings, Reed also wants to encourage scientists to engage the public and policymakers in their outreach and communication efforts. During his time on political campaigns and working in public offices, Reed recognized the gap that exists between scientists and policy-makers and has since been an advocate for increasing the accessibility of science, developing science-based policy, and making science more equitable.

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