De-Brief: RACE & STEM

De-Brief: RACE & STEM 

About the Series 

The Science Communication Lab understands that science does not operate in a vacuum. It influences everything from the air we breathe to the food we eat, and it’s unfortunately not as unbiased as scientists are often led to believe. We’re planning to produce an undergraduate-led podcast this fall that highlights the intersections of race and STEM. The podcast will interview UMN researchers who study topics such as environmental racism, reproductive justice, and healthcare access. The Lab hopes to lead our audience of STEM-focused students and faculty to consider how their work may also intersect with social/racial justice.

Get Involved

We know it’s essential in planning this series to have BIPOC students voice their opinions on what it should look like. The survey below asks students to rate and submit ideas for topics and people to feature. We hope you will share your input with us. 

If you would like to get more involved, we are also looking for students to join the project team. Whether or not you have experience in podcast production, your opinions and contributions are important to us! Students can expect at least two Zoom planning calls (about 2 hours total) and any level of commitment if they choose beyond that, from hosting interviews to working on sound production. The survey above offers an option to share your contact information and level of interest in joining our project team. We will be reimbursing students for their time via local business gift cards.

Upcoming Episodes

De-Brief: RACE & STEM will debut in 2021

Reflection blog posts

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