Looking For Help with Science Communication?

One-on-one coaching offers tools and strategies to University of Minnesota students and postdocs to improve their science communication with technical and general audiences.

Successful science communication is an all-too-often overlooked part of scientific training. We as scientists must communicate our findings with other researchers to advance the field further. We also must communicate with the public to ensure our science creates a positive impact outside the lab, especially in areas affecting human and environmental wellbeing.

The Science Communication Lab aims to train young scientists to effectively communicating about their research both within their field and with the public. We offer workshops and individual coaching sessions that develop skills for communicating in any format, whether it’s for a poster, journal article, scientific talk, or class project. The Lab also provides guidance on writing successful proposals, fellowship applications, resumes, and more. 

Our workshops, internships, and coaching sessions are highly individualized for our participants, who range from high schoolers to post-docs. We draw on strategies of storytelling, data visualization, and design to help our participants share their science in an engaging manner. We are happy to help at any stage of the communication process, but the earlier the better to implement the strongest SciComm strategies. For information about one-on-one coaching, please contact michaelw[at]umn.edu. 

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