Bell Museum COVID-19 Infographics

A deeper dive into interesting topics surrounding COVID-19

I joined the Science Communication Lab in the seventh month of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I was not surprised that our group project would involve the quickly spreading disease. As a designer, I  always want to use my hard work in a way that helps other people. I think designers have a powerful voice and should use it in a positive way. For me, designing COVID-19 infographics for the Bell Museum was an amazing opportunity to do just that. 


I collaborated with three other designers from the lab and the Bell Museum to create a series of infographics related to COVID-19. Each designer explored a different topic with the end goal of an animated video for their topic. The topics included UMN research on AI technology and its use in x-rays, herd immunity, how COVID-19 works in the body, and the numbers and figures surrounding the pandemic. Designers worked together to create a cohesive set of animations and illustrations. The Bell Museum will display these infographics on monitors throughout the museum and share them on their social media platforms. Overall, the project aims to inform and engage Bell Museum guests about different topics surrounding COVID-19.

– Emma Delisi

Designer of Lung X-Rays AI Diagnosis


Emma Delisi (Designer), Rose Lam (Designer) Alvina Salim (Designer), Leah Brick (Designer) 

Herd Immunity

Leah Brick (Designer, Animator, Writer)

How does COVID Affect the Body

Alvina Salim (Designer, Animator, Writer)

The Importance of Testing During a Pandemic

Rose Lam (Designer, Animator, Writer)

Lung X-Rays AI Diagnosis

Emma Delisi (Designer, Animator, Writer)

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