I come from a family of artists. My childhood was spent on movie sets, in the backstages of theaters, or watching oil paint strike a canvas. But all these trades connect through storytelling, which is at the root of my passion for journalism. On a personal and global scale, stories are designed to connect ideas and experiences. Journalism plays a vital role in communicating stories yet in recent years it finds itself in a precarious position. Mass media has expanded the reach of stories and knowledge, but many narratives are skewed. In order to accurately portray the world around us, journalism and science must develop a symbiotic relationship. 

As someone with a journalistic background, I believe we have a responsibility to truthfully represent these stories to the public. While science is represented in the media, knowledge is not always accessible. Articles heavy with science data can be intimidating and leave the readers feeling powerless. For instance, the narrative around climate change has wandered into complicated territory. Credible news outlets that publish articles on climate are seen as partisan for speaking out on the issue. A war is being waged on science, but as communicators, we are held accountable to shed light on human truths.

I found the Science Communication Lab especially interesting because of the combination of science and storytelling. Whether from a journalistic standpoint or a visual design, we’re working to bridge that gap of uncertainty with the public. Science and art can coexist and work together in the form of effective communication. I’m approaching this program from a journalistic and creative standpoint, which will be a personal challenge. However, it could also be a significant strength when connecting with researchers and students to reach a broader audience. I aspire to see science in a new way through this program, empowering audiences to take action and be inspired by the discoveries around us. 



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