An Alumni’s Perspective

Jacob Pechacek

Working as an intern at the Biotechnology Institute’s Science Communications Lab was a great
experience. My work focused on developing an animation describing how diet and eating habits
impact microbiota in the colon. At the start of the 6 weeks, I came in with a good amount of
Adobe Illustrator knowledge, but Adobe After Effects was a different story. This project pushed
me to develop my skills and workflow across both programs. I dove head first into After Effects,
and I have come out confident in my abilities to create new work. Besides learning technical
skills and techniques, I gained experience working in a client-artist relationship. The experience
gave me confidence in presenting my work and receiving feedback and comments. It also gave
me a taste of the back and forth between clients and artists—receiving feedback then making
those changes and continuing this process until the product was finalized. Working alongside
science-minded people also gave me a greater appreciation for their work and how the fields of
art and science can be interwoven. Overall this internship opportunity was a great place to
develop my skills as an artist and designer and gave me a better understanding of a creative


Jacob is a 19 year old college student currently attending his freshman year at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. His interests include art, design, product design, music, photography, and generally working with his hands. He is also a member of the Thespian Society. Since middle school, he has been involved in theater, working on and leading set and lighting crews. He is an avid bicycle rider and enthusiast and also enjoy snowboarding, ultimate frisbee, camping and hiking.
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