The Science Communication is an initiative of the MnDRIVE Environment Program dedicated to sharing science stories with diverse communities across the state of Minnesota and beyond. Through workshops, internships, and public events, the lab and MnDRIVE Environment provide opportunities for engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration across a variety of disciplines, including graphic design, engineering, biology, and strategic communications, to name a few. We help researchers turn science into compelling stories through infographics, animated videos, press releases, and research profiles.

Learn more about our team or take a look at our portfolio. For information about the Science Communication Lab or MnDRIVE Environment please contact our Communications team.

SciComm Coaching Lab & Training

Learn more about the SciComm Coaching Lab which provides peer-to-peer science communicaiton training for undergraduates, grad students, and postdocs.

Reed Grumann

Bell Museum COVID-19 Infographics

A team of four designers from the SciComm Lab worked with the Bell Museum to create animated infographics that explain COVID-19 to the general public.

Explaining Science to Young Audiences

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